Manage Customers

The Customers page provides useful information for each individual customer: Customer ID, Name, email, subscription plan and status:

In addition to the information above, each customer entry will contain the following fields:



Unique Customer ID

VAT Country

VAT number

Billing adress

Shipping address

Customer Panel

By using customer panel link, your customers can sign into their accounts to manage their information and view orders and transactions.  Once they’re signed in, customers are able to add and update billing information, add and update shipping addresses and change the name and password, as well. Customers can view customer panel link in order emails. This opens a new tab or window where they can sign into their account and view their order and their information.

From Customers page you are also able to:

1.Separate the active customers from inactive ones

2. Send massive email to all your customers 

3.Edit your customers recordings.

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