Create a new product

Your Product dashboard contains a list of products defined in your Nummuspay account. You can click on any Product name to view detailed information, edit each product or link to that product checkout Page.

From your main Products page, click Add New Product. To create a new product you'll need to define the following parameters:

Product/Plan Name

This name describes your product and will appear on the Checkout Page and the subscriber's invoice.


A description of the plan that will appear on the subscriber's email invoice if you want. You are able to write the same description in multiple languages, depending on the languages you are operate.

Sell the product to specific countries

Check this option if you want to sell your product / service to specific countries. Choose the preferable countries from the list.

Upload image

You have 2 different options to add an image to your product / service. You can upload an image from your device or enter a url of the photo.

Choose a product type and price

There are 3 different product types: Subscription, Service, Goods

Editable quantity

Choose if you want to provide your customers with the option to choose their own quantity.

Tax Type

From this menu you have to declare if you sell digital or physical products. Taxation of digital products may be different compared to taxation of physical products.

By default, Nummuspay will tax based on your Project settings, but you are also able to have different tax from your project. In this case, uncheck the default option and set up the corresponding tax percentages.

Billable Addons

Billable addon is a separated charge in addition to a subscription’s base charge.

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