Nummuspay Virtual Dashboard without Checkout Page

In this option you are able to create subscriptions manually using our virtual dashboard form. This option doesn't require any development effort and you don't have to worry about PCI Compliance. All card information is managed through Nummuspay platform. There is no customer interaction with Nummuspay and there isn't any checkout page to be added on your website. All actions will be managed through Nummuspay virtual dashboard. Using virtual dashboard tools, you will be able to edit customers details, create custom pricing plans and manage one-time transactions, as well.

How to Charge customer without Checkout Page:

First of all, you have to add your Company, your Project and set up a payment method on Nummuspay dashboard. The next step in using this option is to create a customer and visit credit card details settings. From there you have to add customer’s credit card. Press Charge Customer button you will find in Summary tab, choose the proper credit card and charge the specific customer. 

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