Hybrid Hosted Pages + API

This option is actually a hybrid solution which allows you to charge your customer using our API, while at the same time you avoid the sensitive card information passing through your server. The process to make it happens is simple. You have to create a Nummuspay checkout hosted page through our dashboard for the first customer’s charge. After following this step, you will be able to charge the specific customer on recurring basis using our API.

How to Use Hybrid Hosted Pages + API

First of all, you have to add your Company, your Project, your Products and set up a payment method on Nummuspay dashboard. A checkout page will be automatically created. You will be able to add checkout page on your website using iframe or put the whole nummuspay checkout page on your website. Lastly, you can send the link directly to specific customer in order to complete the payment for a product. The next step in using this option is to check webhooks settings.  From there you will create a New Endpoint URL. 

An example of an Endpoint URL is https://YOURSITE/nummuspay/IPN. Endpoint is the URL where your service can be accessed by a client application. When the customer makes the payment, nummuspay platform automatically inform you regarding the new charge notification via webhook. After first customer payment you are able to use payment token. Go to http://api.nummuspay.com/  and choose Charge -> /v2/Charge. 

You have to post request to nummuspay API. Post request must include payment token, amount, currency. Product title and Product description are optional parameters.

Using the HMAC CHARGE KEY obtained through Management Console -> Security, you must calculate the  HMACSHA256 hash of the request body and include it in an HMAC header in your request.

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