Full API implementation

By using our API, you are able to integrate Nummuspay with your website / application. Full API implementation option is useful for businesses which want to provide their own checkout experience for their customers. In this case, these customers won’t be redirected to a Nummuspay checkout page in order to complete their payments and contrariwise they will be able to process their payments directly through each business custom checkout page. You have to be PCI compliant in order to use this option and require a decent development effort from your side.

How to use Full API implementation:

First of all, you have to add your Company, your Project and set up a payment gateway on Nummuspay dashboard. The next step in using this option is to create a customer, visit credit card details settings and choose a payment method (card).  Go to https://api.nummuspay.com . From there you will be able to create customers, products, invoices, charge customers and calculate taxes using our API. Here are the links for each action:

Customers: https://api.nummuspay.com/docs/index#!/Customers/Customers_Post

Products: https://api.nummuspay.com/docs/index#!/Products/Products_Post

Invoices: https://api.nummuspay.com/docs/index#!/Invoices/Invoices_Post

Charge Customer: https://api.nummuspay.com/docs/index#!/Charge/Charge_Post

Tax Calculation: https://api.nummuspay.com/docs/index#!/Tax/Tax_Calculate

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