How to connect Shopify with Nummuspay

It's easy to connect Nummuspay with Shopify and requires absolutely zero coding experience. You have only to follow the instructions you will find below:

Add Nummuspay Payment provider:

First of all navigate to Shopify Settings -> Payment providers (

From this screen disable "Express Checkout", "Accept credit cards" and "Alternative payments". Go to Manual payments -> Create custom payment method and create Nummuspay using the info below:
  • Name: External payment via Nummuspay Billing Platform
  • Additional details: You will be redirected to Nummuspay payment page in order to complete your purchase securely.

Add Checkout Additional scripts:

Navigate to Shopify settings -> Checkout ( 

From this screen Go to "Order processing" -> "Additional scripts" and enter the code below:

<script src=""></script>
        merchantUniqueID: {{ }},
        currency: "{{ shop.currency }}",
        amount: {{ order.total_price }} / 100,
        tax: 0,
        firstName: "{{ order.customer.first_name }}",
        lastName: "{{ order.customer.last_name }}",
        email: "{{ }}",
        company: "{{ }}",
        phone: "{{ }}",
        billingAddress1: "{{ order.billing_address.address1 }}",
        billingAddress2: "{{ order.billing_address.address2 }}",
        billingCountry: "{{ order.billing_address.country_code }}",
        billingCity: "{{ }}",
	billingState: "{{ order.billing_address.province_code }}",
        billingZip: "{{ }}"

Obtain your store's keys:

The next step is to Navigate to "Apps" -> "Manage private apps" (

Click "Create a new private app" and enter your desired Name and email. Assign "Read" and "Write" to all permissions and click "Save".

Enable Shopify in your Nummuspay project:

Navigate to Nummuspay Settings -> Plugin Settings and enable Shopify.

Enter your shopify store subdomain and password (as obtained before from your store keys).

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